For more than 3 years, Lt. Gov. Calley and Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein have crisscrossed the state on the MI Hidden Talent Tour, highlighting the opportunities for hiring Michiganders with disabilities.

The tour has visited 14 communities in Michigan at Chamber of Commerce and Rotary events. At each stop, Calley and Bernstein highlight a local business that is setting an example for others in hiring as well as local partners available to help other businesses follow suit.

The MI Hidden Talent tour is aimed at showcasing the skills of Michiganders with disabilities. They  are who are often overlooked during the hiring process. This effort encourages businesses to develop disability hiring policies, as well as while connecting businesses with resources to fulfill workforce needs.


If you are a business looking to hire Michiganders with disabilities, MI Rehabilitation Services is ready to help! 

Click here to see the contact in your area, or contact 888-271-8337 or visit

If you are seeking assistance in finding a job, contact the MRS at 800-605-6722. 

Or contact the office in your area- view the full list of locations here.

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